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Home Based Business Merchant Account

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Home Based Business Merchant Account Provides Protection and Service

A home based business merchant account is an invaluable tool for a business owner whose operation is start-up, small but growing, or flourishing to the point that the owner cannot keep up with orders. Instant credit card processing and electronic check processing systems provide protection for card-not-present transactions, which are inherently risky since the merchant never even sees a credit card.

For mail order businesses, Internet businesses, or businesses that take orders by fax, mail, or phone, payment processing systems offer virtually risk-free means of approving or declining payments. A home based business merchant account enables the small business owner to operate with security and protection from home while accepting all forms of payment from shoppers. To earn and maintain a good reputation for excellent customer service, a merchant must be able to keep up with orders by promptly processing the payment and shipping the merchandise.

Virtual Terminal Saves Time and Money

The virtual terminal that is the hub of a home based business merchant account enables the owner to singlehandedly deal efficiently with online or offline (phone, email, fax) orders. Fast and reliable, the virtual terminal lets one person handle purchases at many times the rate of dial-up authorization services. Payroll savings alone would make electronic processing equipment a bargain!

For online purchases, a home business owner simply opens the email, looks at the already-processed orders, and can begin filling them. All the tedious paperwork and authorizing has been done by the electronic payment system. No more employees are necessary; the time saved by this system can be used by the owner to plan and improve the business in other ways.

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