Hypercom T7 Plus

Written by Gregg Ruais
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The Hypercom T7 Plus offers merchants the ability to expand their point-of-sale capabilities. This machine accepts all magnetic strip payment options, including ATM, credit, and gift cards. This device also comes with a consumer security measure; in the future, all businesses will be required to conceal credit card numbers on receipts, and this terminal already has that feature. The T7 Plus printer shows only the final four digits of a person's card number. If someone loses or drops his receipt, a stranger will not have access to his card information.

Benefits and Features of the Hypercom T7 Plus

In addition, the Hypercom T7 Plus terminal has the ability to convert paper checks into electronic funds instantaneously. This makes the process much easier and improves cash flow as well. Money is automatically transferred into merchant bank accounts; without this feature, business owners must fill out paperwork and wait several business days to receive their money.

This machine handles gift-card transactions as well. It activates cards, reads them, and tells cashiers how much money remains. Many businesspeople have found gift cards to be very profitable. Most importantly, they expand businesses' clientele. In addition, many shoppers make purchases that exceed the values on their cards. This occurs frequently at restaurants; diners who have gift cards often buy appetizers and drinks, and they become repeat customers if they like the food and ambiance.

Manufacturers boast that the Hypercom T7 Plus printer has an anti-paper-jam component. Few problems can drive someone up the wall like a malfunctioning printer, especially when there's a line of impatient customers waiting to be helped. This credit card terminal is designed to perform all functions at respectable speeds.

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