Hypercom T7p

Written by Gregg Ruais
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The Hypercom T7P credit card terminal comes with several quality and efficiency features. One of the most desirable facets of this model is its 35-key touch pad, which enables single-touch letter entry and provides users with "hot keys." Hot keys are single-stroke-command functions, which make transactions less complicated for cashiers. With the touch of a button, cashiers perform functions such as voiding and refunding. This feature also makes customer lines move faster.

Dial-up time is one of the greatest hindrances to checkout efficiency. Regardless of the print speed or disk space, terminals that cannot communicate take a long time to process transactions. The T7P comes with either a 1200 or 2400 bps modem and takes no longer than ten seconds to connect with credit card providers.

Convenient Features of the T7P

This terminal has a light-up LCD display, making it easy to complete transactions in the dark. Many restaurants, bars, and clubs are very dimly lit. Imagine trying to read a calculator display in a dark bar; bartenders and waitresses need glowing monitors like the ones on the Hypercom T7P. The T7P is also clerk-friendly in terms of ink ribbon and paper replacement. It takes very little training time to learn how to replace supplies on this machine.

Several Hypercom PIN pads can be added to the T7P. This model comes with an integrated printer, which is not the fastest on the market. The manufacturer estimates the average lifespan of the T7P to be 350,000 key commands, 400,000 credit card reads, and 900,000 printed lines.

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