Hypercom T8

Written by Gregg Ruais
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The Hypercom T8 credit card machine features 256K of memory, fast dial-up access, and an extensive keypad that enables users to complete transactions quickly. In short, the main advantage of this model is its speed. The abundant memory facilitates the storage of over 1,000 transactions. This means information does not have to be sent to transaction databases frequently; employees can continue working for extended periods of time, and the machine will not run out of storage space. Additional memory makes all computers operate faster.

Features and Specs on the Hypercom T8

The manufacturer claims this credit card terminal sends and receives transaction information in less than ten total seconds. Fastidiousness is of utmost importance for busy bartenders, crowded restaurant employees, and toy store cashiers during the holiday season. Few things perturb customers and employees more than slow credit card transactions.

Many credit card machines operate like telephones; to enter alphabetic characters, people have to touch certain keys several times. The Hypercom T8, which features 35 keys, facilitates single-touch entry. Designated keys are automatic commands, much like speed dial buttons on telephones.

The Hypercom T8 comes with an LCD display. Hypercom recommends this product be used in temperatures greater than freezing and less than 113 degrees Fahrenheit. Business owners who have this product should try to keep the humidity levels in their stores under 85 percent.

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