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Instant Credit Card Processing

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Instant Credit Card Processing Saves Time and Money

Instant credit card processing takes the work out of card handling for busy merchants. Credit card payment services take care of all the labor-intensive details from start to finish in business transactions. A merchant account setup entails providing the business owner with the equipment and system functions that result in instant credit card processing.

When a merchant enters a customer's credit card information into an electronic terminal, the identifying details are encrypted and sent via secure transmissions to the bank that issued the card. When confirmation and authorization are complete--they only take seconds--the customer can then move on, having completed the entire purchase transaction in a very short time. An owner/manager who cannot yet afford to hire employees can take care of many more patrons than ever before because of the high speed
of the electronic equipment.

Card-Not-Present Transactions

These have always been extremely risky for merchants because no card is ever seen, much less examined. With instant credit card processing, however, business owners on the Internet have access to the secure transmissions and processing of merchant account equipment. Although the entire procedure takes place online, the built-in measures to protect against fraud make these transactions as safe as card-present purchases in retail stores or restaurants.

Real-time processing is one of the characteristics of electronic processing systems, and it is this invaluable function that lets merchants and their customers experience a smooth, fast check-out. One employee operating this user-friendly equipment can process many more sales than with slow dial-up systems. Whether online or in person, consumers have a trouble-free transaction that encourages them to return to that business to make future purchases.

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