Instant Merchant Accounts

Written by Samuel Wong
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When setting up a conventional merchant account, there are several requirements that must be met prior to the issuance of an instant merchant account. With the option of instant merchant accounts, you can accept credit card payments within minutes.

Most instant merchant accounts are offered through an online service. Through this online service, you are able to establish an account and start collecting money for the sales of your product or service. Most times, the only drawback to instant merchant accounts is the fact that your customer has to be a member of the instant merchant account's program to send you funds. To participate, the enrollment is almost always free, and provides instant access for the consumer.

Start Getting Money with Instant Merchant Accounts

Once payments have been made into an account, you have the choice to either allow the money to sit in your account, or you can request an ACH transfer to your bank account. Many of these transfers take 3-4 business days. If you leave your money in your account, most instant merchant accounts pay a dividend equal to those of the average money market accounts.

You may be wondering how the instant merchant accounts service providers earn their money. When money is sent to you, the service provider deducts a standard transaction fee, plus a percentage of the total sale (usually 2-3%). The remainder is immediately deposited into any of your designated accounts. Instant merchant accounts are a great solution for individuals engaging in online auction sales, online product ordering, and other businesses that do not require access to the card of their customer.

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