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Internet Credit Card Payment Processing

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Rapid Internet Credit Card Payment Processing

Internet credit card payment processing is just about mandatory for merchants who want to boost sales. New customers are invaluable because if they receive good customer service and good value, they will return with their credit cards in hand. Buying with plastic is faster and handier than paying by check or in cash, and with an online credit card payment system, customers are assured of instant approval.

Retail stores, financial institutions, government agencies--any business that has a website and invites consumers to make online purchases needs internet payment gateways for a fast response to orders placed by customers. These gateways handle internet credit card payment processing easily and allow merchants to take card-not-present orders with assurance. Internet purchases are increasing significantly every year, and merchants would do well to access the technology that lets them tap into this source of sales.

Fast-Growing Internet Sales

Internet credit card payment processing is mushrooming, and the processing equipment computes risks as it handles the card-not-present transaction. With more than 500 million credit cards used in the United States, risk management is essential to maintain the integrity of these transactions and to protect merchants from severe losses. A special merchant account is required for card-not-present purchases, and special criteria are used to forestall fraudulent attempts to obtain merchandise.

Tapping into this vast internet business is a gold mine, however, because no physical plant is necessary. No retail store, with its expensive overhead, is necessary in order to sell merchandise. Customers simply go online to a website that offers what they want, they order, get credit card approval, and complete the entire transaction in a few minutes.

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