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Internet Merchant Account

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Internet Merchant Account Handles Checks and Credit Cards

An Internet merchant account manages credit, debit, and EBT transactions within seconds. All necessary forms for the consumer and instructions for use are part of the Internet payment gateways that implement the processing system for a business owner interested in increasing sales. The full-featured package includes a shopping cart and other customer conveniences to make purchasing fast and easy.

Processing all forms of payment is good business because it expands a merchant's customer base. An Internet merchant account permits a business owner to accept major credit cards and personal checks virtually risk-free. Electronic, online handling of payment transactions provides a customer with the means to enter personal and financial information in a secure website that leads the customer from section to section to complete the purchasing procedures.

Automatic Calculations

A merchant account gateway lets a business owner choose among types of "Buy It" buttons on the website. Once the customer clicks on whichever format the merchant chooses to indicate the desire to purchase an item, the customer is automatically shifted to the section for payment methods. An Internet merchant account also computes taxes for each of the United States, as well as for domestic and foreign rates for United States mail, FedEx, and UPS.

Payment methods, tax calculations, shipping preferences--these steps in the purchasing transaction are handled automatically and rapidly by these payment processing systems. The customer is assured that all information is secure, and the merchant is assured that funds will be placed in the business account in short order. By assisting the consumer to be comfortable with the process, the merchant with a payment processing account is providing excellent customer service.

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