Internet Merchant Credit Card Accounts

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Many internet merchant credit card accounts offer the same services, but differ in the details, as well as what they charge for these services. For example, the standard services offered with online merchant accounts include an Internet-based credit card terminal, HTML code to allow credit card purchases on your website, and processing approval via a secure online gateway. With these basics, your business will be ready to perform credit card purchases on its website.

However, other important "extras" should also be included in the package. Perhaps the most important are customer service and technical support features. These features should be accessible to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Moreover, these should be live help features, not recordings or online instruction manuals that you get directed to when you click on a "help" link.

Other Features of Internet Merchant Credit Card Accounts

Instead, you should be able to speak to a real person when you dial a (hopefully toll-free) technical support phone number. If you're online, you should be able to have a live chat with a qualified technician on hand to help you with your issue. The quality of an online merchant account provider depends on factors such as these. An online provider that offers the basics at an attractively low price, only to abandon the customer once the package is purchased, is not worth the savings.

Setup is another feature included in internet merchant credit card accounts, though it's often overlooked by the customer. The provider must set up your account, including your access to the virtual terminal and the secure payment gateway for card approvals. Some providers charge a fee for this. Others waive the fee as an incentive to become their customer. Waived fees and other incentives should be viewed as part of the whole picture, however, and not be allowed to dominate over other more important factors such as technical support.

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