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Low Cost Merchant Account

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Low Cost Merchant Account Brings Big Dividends

A low cost merchant account costs little, but provides enormous benefits to business owners, especially those interested in boosting sales but keeping payroll down. Anytime a merchant increases turnover in payment processing, that merchant also increases sales volume. Considering all the features that are incorporated in a payment processing setup, a low cost merchant account is a bargain in more ways than one!

The instant credit card processing and reliable check processing let the merchant deal with many more purchase payments than before, thereby increasing sales. Such prompt service is an important factor in customer satisfaction, which also increases sales. Studies show that customers shop where their preferred form of payment is accepted, and that they return for repeat business.

Check Guarantee and Conversion

Along with credit card authorization, check guarantee and conversion features are a part of a low cost merchant account. Paperless checks are part of payment processing systems that enable merchants to enlarge their customer base to include those who cannot or do not want to use credit cards. Customers then have the convenience of using their existing checking or savings account to pay for purchases, so merchandise can be paid for as fast and conveniently as with a credit card.

Paper checks are converted into paperless deposits, thereby reducing the paperwork for the merchant. An alternative is to convert the check into an electronic transaction at the point-of-sale. With merchant account payment systems, business owners have full-featured processing at their disposal.

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