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Mastercard Merchant Account

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Benefits of Mastercard Merchant Account

A Mastercard merchant account gives business owners access to the holders of one of the leading bank cards in the world. VISA credit card payment processing is the leader in purchases, with over 50% of bank card charges. Next is Mastercard with about 32% of the total worldwide, providing merchants with a huge number of customers to draw from.

These two frontrunners account for more than 52 million transactions each day in this country alone, with every year seeing an enormous increase in credit card charges. About $300 billion worth of purchases were charged to VISA and Mastercard in just three months. Consumers in the United States are projected to spend more than $1.2 trillion using their VISA and Mastercard credit cards.

Credit Cards Bring Business

When bank cards appeared in the 1960s, BankAmericard and Master Charge were foremost, but banks soon found that the issuing and processing of cards was overwhelming. Credit card associations were formed to handle the burgeoning industry, and today, VISA and Mastercard are the two major associations. VISA is a not-for-profit group of member banks, and Mastercard is a for-profit company, but both are directed by bank executives and industry leaders.

A Mastercard merchant account enables a business owner to participate in the tremendous benefits of credit card purchases by millions of Americans. For card holders, seeing a Mastercard symbol in a store window is an invitation to browse, knowing their preferred card is welcome. Even if they had not planned on buying anything, they will feel the freedom to look around and purchase an item they want. Impulse buying constitutes a substantial part of a store's business, and a Mastercard merchant account lets you tap into this phenomenon.

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