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Merchant Account Gateway

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Full Featured Merchant Account Gateway

Merchant account gateway software brings a bevy of electronic assistance to the merchant who wants to use the Internet to full advantage. Manual payment processing can be tedious, and human error is always a factor. Electronic automated processing, on the other hand, is speedy and reliable because it uses a proven system.

Internet payment gateways process credit card and check payments online with automatic address verification and fraud detection programs. A check processing system alone is invaluable to any business, for it allows the merchant to accept payment that is preferred by the customer with little risk. Recurring billing, such as the routine billing of subscriptions and membership dues, can be handled by these merchant account gateway systems that permit flexible billing arrangements suitable to your business.

Advantages of Online Processing

Today, customers are increasingly ordering items on the Internet, and if you can process those orders and payments in real time, you can meet the demand for fast, easy shopping. Automated processing lets your customers take full advantage of your website so their at-home shopping is convenient. For you, gateway software means more profits because of this consumer convenience, and more predictable cash flow.

With a merchant account gateway, you can also handle orders received via phone, fax, email, or in person. The gateway programs include a virtual terminal that you can use wherever there is an Internet connection, so you and your customers can be mobile without losing business. With this rapid response automation, you can turn your attention to other matters that are important to increasing your business.

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