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Merchant Account Processing

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Simple Merchant Account Processing

Merchant account processing can be accomplished within hours. If you apply online, you will usually be fully operational--accepting and processing payments--within 24 hours. Expedited procedures help get you up-and-running soon after you decide you want to take advantage of the great benefits of electronic payment processing for checks and credit cards. Faxing signatures and using FedEx as the shipping method for equipment that implements a new merchant account speeds things up considerably.

Approval is quick and easy if you meet the criteria for merchant account processing. The guidelines differ slightly for retail/service/restaurant businesses as opposed to mail order/trade show/Internet enterprises. Even if you do not meet these standards, you can apply for regular merchant accounts with documentation of an owner with a good personal credit history, business or personal financial information, or your current credit card processing information.

What Comes with the System

Although you would have options among all the many features of the system, consider getting the whole package because many items are free with merchant account processing. Among the great attractions for an internet business are an encrypted Secure Socket Layer (SSL) gateway with shopping cart; "Buy me" buttons; comprehensive order tracking and reports; virtual terminal that enables processing of credit card orders online.

Point-of-sale businesses, such as retail stores, can have check guarantee and conversion features, as well as check verification. These render accepting checks virtually risk-free for the merchant who wants to be as inclusive as possible about taking all forms of customer payments. A recurring billing option is essential for businesses that have installment plans. All accounts have excellent merchant training and support around the clock.

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