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Merchant Account Service

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Merchant Account Service for Better Customer Satisfaction

Merchant account service turns a business into a full-fledged payment processing center for patrons. By accepting all forms of payment, a merchant enlarges the customer base that is the very foundation of a business. It stands to reason that a business that draws from a wide range of customers will have more sales than a narrowly-based business.

One of the major contributors to this broad base among consumers is a merchant account set up that permits rapid, reliable credit card payment processing and check processing. Customers head to businesses that take their preferred form of payment, and merchants will see a direct correlation between sales volume and the variety of credit cards they accept, for example. By adding acceptance of personal checks, merchants obtain the broadest possible draw among customers.

Measurable Benefits of Credit Card Acceptance

Merchant account service that includes acceptance of major credit cards can increase sales up to 40%, according to studies. Every business owner is interested in boosting sales, and taking credit cards is a prime factor in making this happen. Shopping with plastic has become a way of life for many consumers, and they gravitate toward businesses that are ready to accommodate them.

Shoppers buy more expensive items when they can pay with plastic, as research shows credit cards encourage impulse buying. Taking credit cards is also a free form of advertising because consumers first read the ads of businesses that take their card. Customer loyalty is a happy by-product of accepting credit cards since shoppers who can use credit cards to make their purchases tend to return to the same stores that have merchant account service for repeat business.

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