Merchant Account Set Up

Written by Laurie Nichol
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A new, speedy, real-time merchant account set up is a great way to really streamline your payment processing. If somebody already has a merchant account service, is it really worth it to switch? The answer is "yes!"-when you use the new online merchant accounts, the benefits are well worth the change.

Get Paid Faster!

With an online merchant account set up, how does the businessperson receive his or her money? If you're familiar with the traditional type of account, you're used to having the money funneled into your business account. Well, with these faster, real-time interfaces, you can expect to have your money much quicker, which helps you to keep a closer look at your finances at all times.

The speed of the payment depends, of course, on the card company being used. For Visa and Mastercard transactions, you can expect to receive the funds transfer within two business days. American Express and Discover card transactions usually take an additional day to hit your account.

Depending on the merchant account set up that you sign up for, you'll be paying small fees here and there. When you're shopping around for the perfect service, be sure to check for any hidden fees or large charges. They can really add up, so avoiding them is your best bet!

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