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Merchant Account Setup

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Merchant Account Setup Is Easy

A merchant account setup can be accomplished within 24 hours (one business day) if all procedures are expedited by the business owner. If, for instance, signatures can be faxed instead of mailed, approval of the ecommerce merchant account can be offered within the same period. The merchant account information can be entered and programmed over the phone after the business owner receives the terminal.

If you should select the fax route without overnight shipping of the terminal, you can still be up and running in two-to-three business days. This approach means the equipment can be programmed on-the-spot instead of on the phone. Your application can also be sent by priority mail, and the completed forms sent by FedEx in pre-paid envelopes. The terminal is then programmed and sent to you via the method you selected.

Approval Details

Even if your credit is not ideal, a merchant account setup is still possible, as payment processing companies establish relationships with banks enabling them to handle less-than-perfect accounts. You do not need to have a business account unless your business is a corporation. If you are the sole proprietor, or you have a partnership, all business names must be on the checks.

You do not need a dedicated phone line because the terminals have dual jacks that let you connect to the terminal and other equipment simultaneously. The terminal comes with diagrammed instructions and an 800 number where you can get detailed directions about the operation of the equipment. No matter where your business is located, you can get around-the-clock customer support with a merchant account setup.

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