Nurit 2080

Written by Gregg Ruais
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The Nurit 2080 is a cost effective solution for small businesses that need only basic terminals. This device reads both ATM and credit cards and is compatible with most standard printers, PIN pads, and other accessories. However, these add-ons are not integrated with the Nurit 2080; some merchants find it cost effective to buy all-in-one products rather than separate parts.

The 2080 makes an excellent option for home-based businesses that do not require receipt printing. When consumers order products through the mail or over the Internet, they usually do not receive the same types of receipts provided by local retailers. Instead, merchants send them packing slips or email confirmations. People who sell items on various auction websites can use the 2080 at home to collect payments without spending the extra money on unneeded hardware.

Preventing Internet Shoplifting

While the Internet has become an invaluable e-commerce and educational tool, it also serves as an excellent guise for thieves. Cashiers at retail stores may check customer IDs along with credit cards, although they usually do not. However, anyone with a valid credit card number, expiration date, and verification number can use someone else's card to make purchases online. Identity thieves will use other people's credit cards until online retailers deny them the right to do so. The problem is that many internet companies never know the difference between legal and illegitimate purchases.

The Nurit 2080 can be bought with an address verification system, which would prevent a businessperson from processing a transaction requested by someone who does not know the billing address that matches the credit card. Although this system is not foolproof, it does crack down on the people who either steal cards or find lost ones.

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