Nurit 2085

Written by Samuel Wong
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The Nurit 2085 is the new wave in credit card processing. This credit card processing machine incorporates all of the standard functions of a credit card machine, and includes the advanced features found only in terminals twice its price! This is the answer to any merchant's prayers!

The Nurit 2085 and its companion, the Nurit 2085+, are innovative solely in the fact that these machines combine the terminal and printer in the same machine. For credit card merchant services providers, this means lower shipping and start-up costs. For credit card processing retailers, the Nurit 2085 means more counter space, less maintenance, and better-cost efficiency! The Nurit 2085+ takes a whole step further with their optional pin pad, which allows for the acceptance of debit-based transactions!

Find the Latest Technology in the Nurit 2085

These machines offer the user a sleek, ergonomic and compact design hardly ever seen in credit card processing terminals! Gone are the days of boxy, frigid, and cold credit card terminals. Now, thanks to the Nurit 2085 and its companion, the inviting, friendly and user-friendly version of a credit card terminal is here!

Sure, these machines are capable credit card processing machines that are menu-driven. Sure, the terminal recognizes and accepts gift cards, EBT, and pre-paid cards, but why does your company need one? When you add backlit displays with programmable LCD soft keys and an expandable format you get nothing short of the sexiest credit card processing machine on the market.

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