Nurit 8000

Written by Gregg Ruais
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The Nurit 8000 offers merchants an internet-enabled wireless solution to payment processing. Like the 3010 model, businesspeople can take this credit card terminal wherever they go without having to worry about finding a phone connection. However, this model has all the latest technological features that ensure efficiency and security.

The Nurit 8000 Offers the Latest Technological Features

Unlike the Nurit 3010, the 8000 model features a large touch-screen display. It operates much like an ATM machine. The steps are self-explanatory, much like the do-it-yourself terminals found at supermarket cashier lines. Salespeople can hand these portable devices to their customers, who would select from debit and credit options and then confirm payment amounts. An additional security and convenience feature of the Nurit 8000 is its electronic signature storage. Using special pens, customers impress their signatures right onto the touch-screen displays. The internal computer stores these signatures until ready to export them into document management systems.

In the world of credit card terminals, the Nurit 8000 has unparalleled graphics capabilities. Its display can be programmed to show advertisements. Its sophisticated printer can produce outgoing messages, coupons, and graphics on customer receipts. The internal printer operates at a high speed, and the paper is easily loaded.

The Nurit 8000 currently processes both credit cards and ATM cards. Downloadable check authorization and guarantee features are new additions. This terminal's flexibility makes it safe and functional for transportation companies, outdoor concession stands, and all mobile vendors.

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