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Online Business Merchant Account

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Easy Online Business Merchant Account

An online business merchant account streamlines a business operation and helps create an efficient enterprise. An internet business that accepts online credit cards and checks is inherently risky because the merchant never actually sees the card or the check. Electronic payment processing, however, takes out the risk and lets the online entrepreneur authorize payment safely.

Using their own websites, merchants can manage online check processing and credit card payment. For credit cards, the online business merchant account system either enters the card information or shows a transaction page the customer fills out. This financial and personal information is then encrypted and sent to the bank that issued the card using a secure line.

Features of an Online Account

Speed is the prime characteristic of electronic payment processing systems. A credit card transaction is authorized within five seconds, and is funded within two or three business days. Convenient features for the customer include a shopping cart to better organize purchases online and step-by-step instructions on how to proceed from "Buy It" to shipping methods.

For customers who prefer to pay by check, the online business merchant account system shows a picture of a check to help customers determine their account number and routing number. Merchants can customize their websites in many ways, such as creating segments that permit them to sell memberships or subscriptions to their website or organization. All necessary details--kinds of payments, for example--can be configured to suit the organization and to take into account different kinds of plans to which the public can subscribe.

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