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Online Check Processing

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Online Check Processing Is Secure

Online check processing provides secure means of check approval for merchant and customer. Internet merchants now have access to ACH services that let them accept check payments with confidence. Internet credit card payment processing has long been utilized by online businesses, but acceptance of credit cards alone excludes a lot of customers.

Today, payment gateways offer everything from online check processing to shopping carts for the merchant who wants to set up a complete website to capture as much online business as possible. Customers can browse to their hearts' content and then enter a secure check-out screen to enter their financial information. This section of the website contains payment options, shipping methods, and tax computations for the convenience of merchant and customer.

Electronic Check Instructions

ACH services provide complete instructions and assistance to the merchant who wants to take advantage of the many benefits of this system. For instance, a sample form illustrates the method for submitting an electronic check to the payment gateway. Acceptance of checks and credit cards is similar, with checks requiring an account number and routing number rather than a card number and expiration date.

The online check processing system shows the consumer a check form that demonstrates how to find the account number and routing number on their checks. By using this form in the secure payment section of the website, a merchant can help avoid errors that are bound to occur as customers unfamiliar with these important numbers try to figure out what is being asked for. ACH services and payment gateways aid the merchant in setting up a user-friendly website that will encourage consumers to order and pay online.

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