Online Credit Card Payment Solutions

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Online credit card payment solutions for small businesses need to keep up with the constant changes in Internet-based credit card processing technology. It will do you little good if your processing service is using a system that is out of date and inefficient. In fact, a lapsed system can be harmful to your business, as well as to your clients, who depend on up-to-date security technology to keep their personal and financial information safe when shopping online.

There are several complex elements that make up a functioning online credit card processing system. These systems by their nature tend to get taken for granted, for when they work flawlessly, the purchaser doesn't think twice about it. However, when they experience errors, there will be heck to pay, and usually on the poor merchant's end.

Online Payments and Merchant Responsibility

Merchants have a considerable amount of pressure on them, both from customers who rightly expect to purchase online without a problem, and from credit card associations such as Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. In the event of fraudulent transactions on a merchant's website, these associations hold the merchant, and not the purchaser, liable.

Thus it is the merchant's responsibility to utilize effective security and anti-fraud measures to prevent credit card abuse. Online merchants can find the tools they need with good online credit card processing services. For instance, all reputable services offer crucial authentication and SSL encryption technology for use during the order process, as well as firewall-secured servers to protect stored data from hackers.

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