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Online Merchant Account

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Online Merchant Account for Managed Transactions

An online merchant account provides a business owner with a secure, electronic payment processing system that lets businesses that operate over the Internet have complete control over their payment procedures. Merchants can regulate the online payment process from start to finish by authorizing or declining payment from a particular individual, company, or country. This comprehensive control emanates directly from the merchant's website.

There are two operating methods for this online merchant account, depending on which setup a merchant chooses. The first method consists of the credit card information being entered via the merchant's online transaction section. An alternative method involves entering the information in a transaction section that can be customized, filled out by the customer, and hosted on a secure server.

Internet Payment Gateways

The purchaser's personal and financial information is encrypted, sent to the bank that issued the credit card, and approved or declined. This entire process takes about five seconds! The transaction is stored within the system, and all transactions are concluded every day. Funds are entered into the merchant's account within three business days.

A credit card payment gateway provides many features that are convenient for the business owner. At the top of the list might well be the shopping cart for merchants who do not have this feature on their website, or who do not want to incur the expense of implementing a secure line on their website. An online merchant account supplies this handy consumer shopping cart to facilitate the checkout and payment procedure.

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