Online Payment Gateways

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Online payment gateways need to offer secure credit card payment services for e-commerce. This is one of the chief concerns of online merchants, who utilize industry-standard encryption of order pages to ensure a secure shopping experience for their customers. However, security is not the only criterion that needs to be met in order for payment gateways to be effective.

Online payment gateways should also be able to accept a variety of international credit cards. International acceptance is important in order to be able to harness the unique strength of the Internet, which is its lack of borders. Indeed, an online shopper from halfway across the world can purchase your products as easily as the person living next door to you. Of course, this can only happen if your payment gateway accommodates their credit cards.

More about Online Payment Gateways

Too many small business owners unknowingly shoot themselves in the foot by thinking too narrowly about their customer base. This is especially true of brick-and-mortar businesses that have just recently added e-commerce to their operations. They may be so accustomed to their client base being located in their own region that they fail to focus on the wide world of online customers that could be theirs. Internationally focused payment gateways automatically remove this obstacle for merchants.

Finally, online payment gateways must be able to process orders in real time. This is another important feature for merchants as well as customers. Merchants need to have an accurate idea of their sales at any given time, and customers have the right to expect their orders to be processed quickly. Thus, gateways that operate in real time flawlessly accommodate the needs of both parties.

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