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Point Of Sale Equipment

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Point of Sale Equipment Facilitates Sales

Point of sale equipment assists merchants in verifying customer check and credit card information, and in accurately processing customer payments. Point of sale (POS) electronic processing means business owners have an independent source that confirms the details on a credit card. When a transaction is entered, the information is encrypted and sent to the issuing bank, with approval returned within seconds.

POS, or card present, transactions usually take place in retail stores or restaurants, and the equipment designed for these locations takes up as little valuable space as possible. Compact and efficient, this point of sale equipment enables the hardworking business owner to process the maximum number of payments. This is vitally important to a start-up business in which the owner/manager is the sole person dealing with customer orders.

POS Equipment and Check Conversion

Check guarantee, check verification, and check conversion are services that are part of merchant accounts that enable business owners to deal with the inherent risks of accepting payment by check. Point of sale equipment converts paper checks into electronic transactions on the spot. Aside from making check acceptance virtually risk-free, this procedure eliminates the necessity for the merchant to actually deposit the check.

The merchant's bank account receives the funds from the check within five business days after processing by ACH services. If there are insufficient funds available, the merchant is contacted by fax or phone within five business days. The business owner then has the opportunity to notify the customer that another means of payment is necessary.

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