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Pos Equipment

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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POS Equipment Enhances Business Procedures

POS equipment elevates any business to a more professional, up-to-date level. Manual processing of paper checks and credit card payments is tedious and time-consuming. Making deposits, and making customers wait for authorization via the telephone, is simply old-fashioned.

Electronic processing is not just fast--it puts more sales on the books. Check and credit card approval is given within seconds, and a customer cannot fail to be impressed with the modernized procedure. Going electronic with POS equipment shows the merchant is committed to the best service for customers who shop in the store. Streamlining the payment process enables the merchant to make more sales, but also to have the time to pay more attention to customers' needs.

Check Processing

Fraud can be committed in many ways, but paper checks are inherently risky because the merchant has no way to verify the information on the check. Even supporting documents such as driver's licenses can be fake. POS equipment takes over the function of verifying and authorizing payment by check. ACH check processing service permits merchants to accept check payments because security and fraud prevention measures are built into the equipment.

Merchants can have check verification in which they can tap into a negative database to see if there is a match between the check account number or home phone number of the customer. Check guarantee services provide a guarantee that the face value of the check is good, thereby protecting business owners against bounced checks. Check conversion converts paper checks into electronic transactions at the point-of-sale so the merchant need not deposit the actual check in order to receive the funds from it.

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