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Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Powerful POS Software

The POS software that runs point-of-sale equipment is designed to process check and credit card transactions within seconds. Powerful and adaptable, the software is not only fast, but enables merchants to choose features that are particularly helpful in their business. Verifone software, for instance, performs many functions, from rapid identification of a customer to smart card applications.

Hypercom terminals run on software that provides excellent security for the check and credit card information entered by the customer. Its PINpads quickly identify the card owner when a PIN (personal identification number) is entered. Processing of smart card information is equally fast, with authentication of the cards within seconds.

Adaptable Software

Many brands of terminals run on software that can grow with the business, and this adaptability protects the merchant's original investment in the POS software and equipment. POS software often can be customized so the merchant can, for example, use company colors and logos in printing receipts. Verifone's Omni 3350 is a high-performance machine built around multi-application capabilities so it handles smart cards, has a high-speed modem, and has lots of memory.

The Hypercom T-Series has a wide-ranging software library that handles credit, debit, and smart card transactions, as well as other financial operations. The T77 supports many applications including credit, debit, and stored-value cards. This high-performance machine is perfect for merchants looking to upgrade their current authorization-only machines to multi-function equipment. From the simpler terminals to more complex terminal-printers with rapid processing, software runs the show and enables merchants to process payments swiftly.

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