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Pos Terminals

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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High-Performance POS Terminals

POS terminals bring high speed and high performance to the already-instantaneous field of electronic processing. Companies such as Dassault System, Verifone, and Hypercom have been leaders in the manufacture of payment processing equipment for years. The service provided to merchants by these machines has been so popular that each company has developed many models to suit the needs of business owners.

Countertop, portable, multi-lane, smart card-enabled--POS terminals come in many different configurations. They all, however, are compact, efficient, and user-friendly. Powered by sophisticated software, these machines handle all the transactions a user can enter, and can often be customized by the merchant.

Models and Features

Hypercom's ICE (Interactive Customer Environment) family of terminals have touch-screen operation and high-speed thermal printers. The ICE 5500Plus with proprietary Sureload printer technology runs at twice the speed of prior models. Like the other ICE terminals, it enables the user to perform complex functions with little training.

Verifone's countertop terminals have a large display similar to an ATM, and a speedy thermal printer. Some models in the Omni series are smart card-enabled, have Verix multi-application support, and all are ergonomically designed. The Omni 3700 series consists of state-of-the-art models that are unrivaled in power, performance, and flexibility. Verifone POS terminals for multi-lane situations offer modular configurations that capture signatures and can be upgraded and expanded.

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