Receiving Online Credit Card Payments

Written by Rachel Arieff
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Receiving online credit card payments is absolutely necessary for small business owners who want to be a part of the 21st century. Being able to accept credit card payments on websites is nowadays standard to e-commerce. Even the smallest, one-person businesses--some of which have proven tremendously successful--can do so. The fact is, there simply is no reason to have an online store if it can't accept customer's credit card payments.

This is especially true since online shoppers are by now conditioned to being able to effortlessly purchase products online. For better or for worse, the Internet is all about instant gratification. Online shoppers expect to be able to purchase what appeals to them with a few keystrokes and a click of the mouse. If your website denies this convenience to them, they will probably feel annoyed or incredulous--as they should--and shop somewhere else. It's nice when websites provide "snail mail" ordering options, but not when it's the only option!

Security and Online Credit Card Payments

Finding a credit card processing service is easy enough. One can find plenty on the World Wide Web that provide credit card processing to businesses of all sizes. Many are especially geared toward small businesses and provide training and tutorials, along with 24-hour customer support, in their small business packages.

Security is the most important issue, though, so make sure that your online credit card processing service provides SSL (secure socket layering) technology for transmitting credit card order pages. SSL is an encryption method that effectively scrambles customer data so that it can't be viewed by third parties while being transmitted. With SSL encrypting, your customers' transactions will actually be more secure than when making credit card payments in a physical store.

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