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Secure Shopping Cart

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Secure Shopping Cart Protects Information

A secure shopping cart performs the critical function of fully protecting the personal and financial information a customer enters into the payment processing system. Without this comprehensive protection, customers would be unwilling to reveal the identifying details of their checking accounts or their credit cards. The shield provided by a secure shopping cart, in fact, has made possible the incredible growth in Internet sales.

By ensuring security, an online merchant account allows merchants and customers alike to confidently use the Internet just as they would a retail store. Although there are some occasional scams run on credit card payments by a few employees, patrons of restaurants and retail outlets can assume that their payment information is handled discreetly. Internet security, in fact, is as good or better than this in-person kind of payment processing.

Confidentiality is Guaranteed

Until the last few years, some consumers hesitated to shop online because they were not certain that their credit card information would be adequately guarded. Judging by the dramatic jump in Internet purchases every year, consumers are now convinced that the security measures built into payment processing systems will do the job.

Secure socket layer (SSL) technology guarantees confidential transmissions from website to server to credit card bank back to website. A link in this transmission system is the secure shopping cart that enables the online customers to click on their selected items, track the number of items, and proceed through check-out. The entire ecommerce shopping cart procedure starts with the cart, and includes purchase totals, payment methods, shipping options, tax calculations, and final total.

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