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Shopping Cart Support

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Shopping Cart Support for Merchants

Shopping cart support is varied and ample, and merchants who apply for a Web merchant account will find that support automatically included in the account setup. A multitude of features is part of Internet payment gateways with secure HTML weblinks, and these features include a hosted shopping cart that meshes with your existing website. This account provides a safe, fraud-protected payment processing system that enables online business owners to quickly process credit card payments right from their websites.

This means merchants can enter card information and receive approval within seconds. Electronic processing contributes the speed and the information that authorizes acceptance of the credit card via secure transmissions from merchant to bank to merchant. One of the free features of these accounts is shopping cart support.

Hosted Shopping Cart

Merchants have several options for acquiring shopping carts for their websites, but the easiest and least costly is the hosted shopping cart. This can be accomplished simply by selecting a low cost merchant account, any of which have shopping cart support. The cart symbols can be integrated easily into your current website to provide greater convenience for your online customers.

The carts are fully-supported by technology that turns the click on the cart symbol into an information cache for the shopper. This supporting technology keeps a running accounting of selections and totals, so the customer does not need to do anything to track potential purchases. Part of the supporting technology is calculation of taxes for each state and shipping charges for the major carriers: United States Postal Service (USPS), United Parcel Service (UPS), and FedEx.

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