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Shopping Carts

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Shopping Carts for Customer Convenience

Shopping carts are a clever marketing idea for online merchants. Everyone knows what a shopping cart is for, and its appearance on business websites adds a universal symbol that customers instantly recognize. Its usefulness is apparent, for it is displayed beside each item for sale or at the top of the webpage.

As customers order this item and that item, they are added to the shopping carts, and when the customer is finished shopping and ready to check out, the symbolic cart lists all the selected items. The online shopper can then remove any items, or continue to final check-out, where payment methods and shipping are determined. A low cost merchant account includes these carts for the convenience of Internet patrons.

Add to Existing Site

If you already have your own website and are happy with its appearance and appeal, you can opt for hosted shopping carts that readily become integrated into your site. This might be the easiest way to acquire these handy aids for shoppers should you not have a Web shopping cart segment on your site. The other option is relatively expensive and cumbersome, for you would have to install secure sockets layer (SSL) technology in order to have your own carts.

There are many configurations for displaying a "Buy It" button on your site. Whatever the specifics, all ordering information should be simple, easy to find, and easy to read. Clutter on a website page may seem to be cramming in a lot of details, but it can also cause customers to overlook important steps.

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