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Small Business Merchant Account

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Increase Sales with a Small Business Merchant Account

A small business merchant account can make the difference between survival and failure at the crucial start-up phase of a business. Most new businesses do not have overwhelming capitalization, and so it is imperative that the business start increasing sales right away. On the other hand, most new businesses cannot afford to hire employees to handle more customers.

The owner/manager is the norm in start-up businesses for just this reason. This is a fundamental dilemma for neophyte business owners: they must constantly work toward attracting new customers, yet they do not have the funding to hire employees to take care of more shoppers. A small business merchant account can provide a solution that will increase sales, but let the owner/manager handle the increased sales volume.

Fast Payment Processing

Electronic check processing and credit card payment processing are key to handling more sales, yet not getting bogged down in the paperwork that comes with better volume. Payment gateways that come with a small business merchant account bring instant disposition of purchases. This rapid processing enables the merchant to handle many more transactions.

Prompt handling of purchases contributes to efficiency in a business, and being able to accept all forms of payment--from personal checks to major credit cards--can increase sales up to 40%, according to studies by the industry. Customers flock to stores that take their preferred payment because of the convenience and comfort level. Merchant accounts for the small business owner can play a substantial role in the success of a new enterprise.

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