Small Business Merchant Accounts

Written by Samuel Wong
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Small business merchant accounts are on the rise. Many of these small business merchant accounts are linked to the increased amount of individuals providing services and products from their homes. With the new, lower costs and array of merchant services companies on the market, it is now even easier than ever to accept credit cards!

For years, one of the main advantages to purchasing products from a larger company versus a smaller company was the array of payment options offered. When purchasing from a small or home-based merchant, oftentimes money orders, cash, and checks were the only accepted payment methods. More and more entrepreneurs are taking advantage of small business merchant accounts to efficiently and profitably process payments that were previously unavailable to them. In addition to the added convenience, small businesses are enjoying the additional credibility that comes with the use of credit card processing.

Small Business Merchant Accounts Let You Compete with the Big Guys

Customers have the additional security of their cardholder agreement to protect them against any potential problems that may occur, stemming from a purchase made at any vendor. This peace of mind is especially important to a consumer when making a large purchase from an online vendor or an individual. With small business merchant accounts flourishing in today's market, many individuals do not think twice about making online payments, as long as that seller accepts credit cards.

In the years prior to widespread credit card acceptance, cash and checks were the most common form of tender. With both large and small business merchant accounts services providers, payment acceptance is easier, more efficient and safer than ever before!

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