Take Checks By Phone

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It is no longer a risk to take checks by phone. In the past, merchants had to worry about people passing bad checks. Nowadays, there are tools and solutions that enable merchants to cut down on loss of profits due to bad checks. Criminals with bad intentions can no longer hold honest merchants hostage.

Secure Ways to Take Checks by Phone

One way to prevent loss of profit because of bounced checks is to track the bad check writer's bank account. Using special software, the merchant and the bank work together to collect the payment. Once the funds are in the account, they are automatically transferred to the merchant.

The customer can no longer avoid paying you as long as they have funds in their account. When payment cannot be collected, the account must be sent to collections. This isn't as complicated as it used to be, since the best payment solutions companies provide free collections services to clients who take checks by phone.

There are payment solutions companies that offer all of these services. Other options to look for include browser-based reporting and customizable reports that are exportable into programs like Excel and Word. These features make it easier for you to take checks by phone and to track your receivables as well as any bad check transactions.

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