Written by Samuel Wong
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In the past, before Telecheck, merchants and store owners had to take a person's word when they paid with a check. A few days or weeks would pass before someone would find out that a check had insufficient funds or was fraudulent. Oftentimes, there would be no recourse for businesses to get their money and merchandise back.

Telecheck allows a cashier or other employee to verify the validity of a person's check. It eliminates the need for a phone call to the person's bank, as well as any waiting time associated with being on hold. Telecheck can let you know in a matter of seconds whether you should accept the check as payment, or ask for cash or a credit card.

Telecheck Can Prevent Check Fraud

Telecheck compares the information on a check to a database of bad accounts and bad check writers. After running a check through the reader, you will be notified in minutes whether the person in front of you is a regular customer or a felon. If that person has written bad checks before, you'll know and you won't have to accept this one.

Telecheck can protect your business from losses associated with bad checks. Many grocery stores use this system to prevent people from paying for their groceries with bad checks. After someone bounces a few checks, their information will be sent to the Telecheck database, protecting your business from the widespread problem of bad checks.

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