Written by Samuel Wong
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A few years ago, before Verifone came along, a person would have to wait a few days or weeks for a credit card payment to process. One of the problems with this slow turnover rate was that there was no protection from fraudulent credit cards or cards that were at or above their limit. The technology needed to quickly verify validity simply was not available and not developed.

Nowadays, it is a very rare occurrence that a credit card will be processed without first swiping the card through a Verifone terminal. Just like the name says, Verifone's technology verifies the credit card information, letting you know whether to complete the transaction or ask for another card.

Verifone Verifies Credit Cards

Verifone has made accepting credit cards much easier and safe for everyone, from small businesses to large chain stores. No longer will there be a waiting period to find out whether that $400.00 electronics purchase will come back to haunt your bottom line later. You can know right now whether or not you should let that purchase go through.

As one of the leading providers of credit card processing technology, Verifone provides all ranges of businesses with reliable credit card processing solutions. Verifone recently introduced debit card PIN pads, enabling businesses and merchants to eliminate fees commonly associated with credit card-based transactions. This provides customers with yet another choice of convenient payment methods!

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