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Verifone Equipment

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Premium Verifone Equipment

Verifone equipment is sold worldwide to merchants who want superior performance in processing customer payment transactions. Electronic credit card and check processing is far superior to old-fashioned dial-up or manual handling. Rapidly processed payments mean faster turnover and more sales on the books.

For two decades, this company has been a leader in this advanced technology, and its name stands for the highest-quality products. Verifone equipment includes a variety of terminals that meet specific business needs, regardless of the size or type of enterprise. Flexible, adaptable software powers these terminals and enables them to produce rapid, accurate service for thriving businesses. Smart card peripherals come in hand-held and countertop machines that offer multiple alternatives for merchants.

PINpads and Check Processing

Verifone PINpads support essential key management methods, such as Master/Session, and adhere to the standards for PIN-entry devices developed by VISA and MasterCard. The PINpad 1000SE and 2000 are hand-held machines, and the 2000 has a magnetic-stripe reader for debit transactions. The EverestPlus offers customers prompts for use, and has excellent security, verification, and tamper-resistant features.

Electronic check conversion is a technologically-advanced method of payment processing for merchants. Faster and less cumbersome than dealing with paper checks and deposits, Verifone equipment for point-of-sale transactions offers efficient performance. The CR 600 CheckReader performs an invaluable service for busy merchants by reducing fraud and bad checks at point-of-sale businesses.

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