Verifone Ink Cartridges

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Businesspeople who own VeriFone POS equipment eventually have to purchase ink cartridges and ribbons unless they opt for machines that come with thermal printers, which use friction and heat to make marks on special paper. Some people opt for ink printers to save money on paper; thermal paper costs more. VeriFone makes a wide assortment of printers, all of which utilize different ink cartridges.

Most distributors sell ink in packages containing three, six, or 12 ribbons. Buying more supplies per package results in lesser prices per cartridge. As with most nonperishable inventory items, most buyers opt for larger quantities. On the flip side, some businesses do not process high volumes of orders, and it may take them several years before they go through three ribbons. Business owners in this situation should probably just purchase smaller quantities.

Prices vary depending on the printers businesses use. The VeriFone 200, for example, is one of the more basic printers. Compared with other VeriFone equipment, it uses the least expensive ink. Other VeriFone ink ribbons cost three times as much.

Consider Ink Before Purchasing Printers

The cost and quality of ink cartridges are legitimate business concerns when deciding which printers to buy. Some business owners want high-level print capabilities. This enables them to print coupons and advertisements on their receipts. People who deem those features unnecessary to their businesses may want to opt for more basic printers that use less expensive ink.

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