Verifone P250

Written by Gregg Ruais
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The VeriFone P250 is a common standard against which other printers are compared. Although this model does not operate the fastest or come with the most advanced graphics capabilities, it is known as a reliable and practical printer. Businesspeople who value simplicity and cost effectiveness often find no reason to upgrade from the P250. It works fast enough and prints clearly, exactly what most businesses need.

Used and refurbished, the VeriFone P250 costs as little as $80 or less. The price makes it ideal for new start-up companies in cost-containment mode or any businesses that operate using necessities rather than luxuries. Despite its no-frills reputation, the P250 can be upgraded to support graphics and color printing, albeit using dot matrix print.

Features of the VeriFone P250

This printer comes with valuable accounting features. It provides businesspeople with audit trails that can be used for daily reconciliation against electronic records. All retail store managers and owners must protect themselves from employee theft and simple human errors, and the P250 makes it easy to discover potential problems.

Although most people use this printer with ribbon, the settings can be altered so that it works without ink. The special paper that must be used costs extra money, but at the same time, this option helps save money on ink. VeriFone offers its customers 24-hour technical support. Although problems with the VeriFone P250 are rare, users can obtain help if they need it.

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