Verifone Pin Pad

Written by Gregg Ruais
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VeriFone manufactures two major lines of PIN pads. The most basic is the PIN pad 1000, which is a handheld device that cashiers would hand to customers who wish to use their debits cards for transactions. Some cash registers actually serve the purpose of ATM machines. The 1000 model comes with a convenient stand, which makes the setup appear organized and professional. The stand also prevents unnecessary wear and tear.

The VeriFone PIN pad 2000 contains extensive security features. Merchants can opt for two different key management systems along with this device. Most auditing standards say that PIN numbers may not appear in plain text on any banking systems. Of course, retail stores that accept debit cards cannot keep PINs on file either. However, customer PINs must be identified; internal coding is required to comply with standards.

The two key management systems available are Master/Session and derived unique key per transaction, or DUKPT. Both systems are acceptable, and retailers have the option of using both simultaneously using the VeriFone 2000. Businesses can also use MAC with this device, which prevents outside hackers from viewing passwords during transactions.

Differences between the 1000 and 2000 Models

Because the 2000 comes with more features and internal programming, it usually costs approximately $80 more than the 1000. The 1000 works with both Nurit credit card terminals and VeriFone devices. Merchants can buy the VeriFone 2000 PIN pad for use on Omni and VeriFone systems. Before any VeriFone PIN pad is used, it must be encrypted by the owner's processing bank.

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