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Verifone Printers

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Verifone Printers Meet Merchant Needs

Verifone printers come in several configurations in order to meet the needs of diverse businesses. These point-of-sale (POS) receipt printers can issue receipts of two, three, or four pages, depending on your requirements. As with all Verifone equipment, these machines operate with rapid precision to turn out an excellent product.

Convenient and user-friendly, Verifone printers provide different designs so merchants can select the best type of printer for their business. Sprocket, roll, and thermal printers each have their strong points, but all work with other Verifone products to create an outstanding system for any business operation. With brand-name supplies and software, these machines offer top-quality performance for small or large businesses.

Product Details

The 950 Sprocket Printer prints two-to-four receipts in graphical characters that enable you to customize your receipts with your preferred font and the logos of your business. The 355 Thermal Printer prints quietly and rapidly while producing two-part receipts in 5.1 seconds. This compact unit only takes up a few inches on a counter, but is four times faster than impact printers, and can print 12.5 lines per second.

Two roll printers complete this fine group of Verifone printers. Printer 250 produces clean, two- or three-part receipts in mere seconds. The 900 Roll Printer is a top-of-the-line instrument that permits a merchant to progress from the 220 or 250 printer to this unit with only minor changes.

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