Verifone Printers

Written by Gregg Ruais
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VeriFone is widely known among retailers for its point-of-sale products. A common need among all small business owners is the ability to print receipts. VeriFone meets this need with a wide array of products that differ in terms of price, speed, and function. Prices range from under $100, usually for refurbished goods, to $300 for the fastest and quietest printers capable of graphics.

VeriFone Printer Models

One of VeriFone's most commonly sold models is the 250, which prints just over two lines per second. This model is known for its durability. The 250 comes with a built-in feature that tells cashiers when it's running low on paper. A simple printer, it uses dot matrix technology for basic printing needs. It works with all VeriFone systems and can be interfaced to work with other types of systems as well. Some distributors recommend using the highest quality ink, ribbon, and paper with this product. Using the best supplies supposedly increases the life expectancy of this product.

The VeriFone 900 makes an ideal upgrade from the 250, as it performs 50 percent faster than its predecessor. Featuring a non-spindle paper feed, this printer is very easy to load and use. The makers of this printer say it will last, on average, 14-plus years.

One of the fastest printers on the market, the VeriFone 350 prints over twelve lines per second. This model is known for its quietude while it prints. Moreover, it yields two-part receipts. Customers keep one copy, and merchants keep the other. The manufacturer says this printer will last up until it has printed four million lines of text. Like most VeriFone printers, this model takes up very little counter space.

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