Verifone Ribbons

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Some internet retailers specialize in selling point-of-sale supplies to merchants. These companies often sell a few dozen types of ribbons, many of which are intended for specific machines but are sometimes cross functional for various printers. Because so many distributors offer like products, they often differentiate themselves on price and satisfaction guarantees.

Certain companies promise shoppers that they will not find better prices anywhere else. People who buy their goods receive discounts if they find superior prices elsewhere within 60 days. Some businesses go as far as guaranteeing their prices by 110 percent, meaning they promise to sell goods at ten percent less than their competitors.

Setting up Accounts and Ordering VeriFone Printer Supplies

People who buy VeriFone ribbons usually become repeat customers for these distributors. Unless merchants change POS equipment or go out of business, they will continually need to replenish stock on these types of items. It is a good idea to double-check the make and model of the printer in need of ribbon before buying. The better, more comprehensive suppliers will show what ribbon goes with what printer model; you can also just check the type of ribbon that is currently being used.

Delivery time usually varies from one distributor to the next; it typically takes between three and seven business days before people receive their goods. This is why it is important to reorder well before the current ribbon supply has run out, especially since ribbon does not substantially degrade over time. This means that ribbon can sit on your shelf, waiting to be used, for quite awhile without losing any of its quality.

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