Verifone Tranz 380

Written by Gregg Ruais
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The Tranz 380 performs all the basic functions needed by storefront retailers and mail-order businesses. The unit stands only two inches tall and rests on a five by six desk area. Using the Tranz 380, cashiers have the ability to either swipe credit cards or enter numbers manually. When cards become worn, the strips become less readable, necessitating data entry from time to time. Mail-order businesses depend on this option, because they never have people's credit cards physically in front of them.

This unit works well with other VeriFone accessories, especially the 220, 250, and 900 printers. With the addition of a PIN pad, the VeriFone Tranz 380 can accept customer debit cards as well. The 380 offers advantages over its predecessor, the 330. The newer model contains 128k RAM, which enables the use of verification systems that prevent identity theft.

Additional memory allows the unit to store more information before having to export information into databases. This feature makes it possible to handle higher volumes. The Tranz 380 communicates with software systems to keep accurate records of all credit card transactions, making accounting much simpler and cost effective.

Buying a VeriFone Tranz 380

A brand new VeriFone Tranz 380 costs approximately $300, but the accessories most merchants purchase will bring the price closer to $450. Used models cost only half as much, although many buyers prefer to spend the extra money on new equipment. Some dealers guarantee they have the best prices available, meaning lesser prices offered by competitors will be honored.

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