Visa Merchant Account

Written by Laurie Nichol
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When it comes to the big name credit cards, Visa and MasterCard, retailers know that they must accept them, since they're the currency with which nearly everyone makes their purchases. To not accept credit cards is to condemn your business to a vastly reduced sales volume. What types of credit cards you accept is also a determinant of how many sales you make.

Some merchants accept every single type of credit card, while others only stick to one or two. Nearly every merchant has a Visa merchant account, for example, while not as many have a Discover card account. The reason for these decisions regards the fees and charges that the credit card companies demand.

A Visa Merchant Account Only?

While it's true that the other credit card companies charge a lot more per transaction, you shouldn't stick with only a Visa merchant account. MasterCard also has relatively low fees--these two are the most popular with retailers for this reason. But accepting American Express and Discover means that you'll be able to access the consumers who hold those cards.

Accessing as large a customer base as possible is what all retailers want to do. For this reason, many are taking their companies into virtual store space, and becoming Internet merchants. As such, they turn their account services into Internet merchant accounts, and reap the benefits of a global customer base.

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