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Web Merchant Account

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Web Merchant Account for Online Businesses

A Web merchant account includes a gateway with software that can be customized to meet the needs of your business. You can process offline (phone, fax, email, in person) purchases by using a virtual terminal wherever there is an Internet connection. This wireless solution creates a highly versatile processing system that will enable a merchant to process orders and payment offline and online.

To fully utilize your website, the real-time payment processing software lets your customers place orders and select payment options online. With this full-featured gateway, you can open your email account and find all your online orders processed, ready to fill. All the authorizing steps have been taken automatically without your having to intervene.

Fraud Prevention Features

Because fraud is difficult to combat in card-not-present transactions, this Web merchant account processing system has built-in precautions that give you full control over the credit card payment processing. You can build your own negative database for problem customers and use it in conjunction with the address verification feature to prevent chargebacks, a costly factor in many businesses.

Specifically, with a Web merchant account, a business owner can block any credit card numbers or names of people or companies that have presented problems in the past. A special consideration is blocking orders from certain countries, which might be desirable for several reasons. Political turmoil might jeopardize any shipments into the country; communication might be difficult in the case of disputes; legal options might be limited regarding merchandise shipped to another country.

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