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Web Shopping Cart

Written by Patricia Tunstall
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Web Shopping Cart for Internet Customers

A Web shopping cart is a small, but essential part of a well-constructed website, one that customers find attractive and user-friendly. All too often, websites are difficult to read because of too much clutter, difficult to follow from one step to another, and difficult to use for finalizing purchases. With aids such as shopping carts, the customer is lead from one place to the logical next place and completes the purchase satisfactorily.

When online shoppers encounter glitches, unclear instructions, or gaps in the purchase process, they are likely to give up in frustration. With simple guides such as a Web shopping cart, they proceed smoothly to check-out. With the boom in online sales recently, no merchant should lose customers because of a faulty or garbled website.

Importance of Internet Purchases

Actually, no merchant can afford to lose customers, period. By tapping into mushrooming Internet credit card sales, a merchant can benefit from one of the fastest growing areas of consumer purchases. While a card-not-present, business merchant account requires a special setup because of the increased risk, it should be considered simply because it lets a business owner participate in an increasingly important and profitable activity.

A Web shopping cart helps the online shopper glide through the purchase process without any discouraging problems. By organizing the possible purchases that have accumulated, a shopping cart prevents loss of sales. Without the carts, a customer would have to write down selections, whereas carts keep the purchase process rolling along.

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