Wireless Credit Card Machines

Written by Gregg Ruais
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Wireless credit card machines often cost significantly more money than terminals that connect through phone lines or Ethernet connections. Hardware devices usually sold separately are frequently integrated in mobile devices. As a result, smaller parts, which cost more money, must be used. Laptop computers that contain equal memory to desktops are usually more expensive for the same reason; small parts are harder to make, consist of more expensive material and, as a result, sell for higher prices.

In most stores, credit card terminals are separate from PIN pads, and many do not even have built-in printers. Mobile accessories are made for convenience. It would be very awkward for salespeople to carry several parts with them, and it would detract from the ease-of-doing business if they had to assemble a POS system wherever they went. Accordingly, wireless credit card machines, which are card readers, PIN pads, and printers all on one device, are small enough to fit in people's hands.

Prices and Deals on Wireless Credit Card Machines

A quality wireless terminal will cost between $700 and $1,000. The hardware for land line machines that perform the same functions cost approximately $500 or less, while the most high-tech-land line solutions will be about the same price. The most popular wireless brands include Nurit, Verifone, and Hypercom.

By conducting enough research, businesspeople can often find deals on wireless credit card machines. Some distributors will match competitor prices, and others sell refurbished products at discounts. People who have difficult times deciding which products would work best for them should discuss their needs with the vendor and can also look for online forums that discuss the benefits of wireless products and credit card machines.

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