Canadian Maple Leaf

Written by Kathleen Gagne
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While the Canadian maple leaf gold coin is one of the most exciting coins in the world today, the maple leaf silver coin is clearly one of the most collectible and reasonably-priced investment coins. At the same time, the one ounce Canadian coins are made of almost pure silver, weighing in at 99.99% of the precious metal.

The silver maple leaf coins are legal tender with the highest face values any silver coins issued by a major country. Like Canadian gold maple leaf coins, the silver coins feature Queen Elizabeth II on one side and the Canadian symbol, the maple leaf, on the other. These are large silver dollars containing one troy ounce of 99.99% fine silver. The coins have a proof-like satin finish that keeps its sheen.

Buy Canadian Maple Leaf Coins Online

Today, collectors are buying up these coins pretty rapidly. Some vendors sell them in limited quantities, while others offer sets. In general, you will find prices approximately 1.5 times the face value of the coins. These coins were first minted in 1988 and, again, are among the most popular of modern collectible coins. They are in short supply because they have the lowest mintages of all North American silver bullion coins.

When buying online, be sure that you have checked out prices and are buying the specific coins you want. If you would like to get a proof collection including each mintage year, you should definitely visit several dealer sites to find the best prices. These silver coins make great gifts for coin collectors and young relatives who may begin a lifetime of collecting upon receiving them. One good idea when buying coins online is to find a website that offers a coin price list with current going rates.

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